Dear Representative,


I was disappointed to see your name on the list of those who SOLD OUT our nation in supporting the latest spending bill.


YOU, along with 124 other GOP RINOs, SOLD OUT our nation and our border in voting to pass the outrageous spending bills. And you worked in lockstep WITH NEARLY 100% OF DEMOCRATS to pass this monstrosity that:


--DOES NOT ONE CENT FOR THE BORDER WALL! As the Democrats bragged, "the bill does not include funding for wasteful border barriers."

--Instead, the SELLOUT takes money previously authorized for a border wall and redirects those funds to "support environmental mitigation necessary due to the destructive impacts of border barrier construction on border communities." 

--Provides $650 MILLION to NGOs and state/local governments who are helping to traffic illegals entering our country;

--Spends an additional $2.2 BILLION to expedite illegal "asylum" seekers processing so the illegals can more quickly get to your home town;

--Includes over $90 MILLION for "refugee resettlement" -- another open door for a flood of illegals;

--Funds the "One App" that facilitates illegals TO BE FLOWN from foreign countries directly to our communities;

--Everyone who voted for this latest Omnibus took part in a SELL OUT of our nation and a SELL OUT of our border. You should be ashame.


A Concerned, Taxpaying American