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The battle over President Trump's Supreme Court nominee is already underway, and the strategy is clear... DELAY, DELAY, DELAY!

The nominee's opponents want to push the confirmation process into the Fall when more pressure from the election and the Mueller investigation could doom this nomination. 

Grassfire has set up this FaxFire to delivery your "CONFIRM THIS SUMMER" faxes directly to your two Senators, your Rep, and key leaders in the Senate. Please select your target below to schedule your faxes! (Go here to see a list of targets.)

If possible, please choose BIGGER IMPACT so your fax message reaches two key swing GOP Senators Murkowski and Collins. Thanks!

(Note: once you select your targets, you will then choose what your fax message will say as you finalize your order.)

All Key Senate GOP and Democrat Leaders PLUS your two Senators and Rep.
Leadership PLUS all Sen. Judiciary Committee and Collins/Murkowski (up to 35 faxes)
Above PLUS All GOP Senators (up to 66 faxes)