Dear Senator,


The current open-border policies of this White House and the D.C. Uni-Party are a clear-and-present danger to EVERY Americans' safety, sovereignty and our way of life. It's also a danger to the men, women and children entering the United States illegally. So, I'm faxing you today to demand lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to take immediate action to "Stop The Invasion!" of America's southern border.


To be clear, I am NOT anti-immigration. I support a legal path to citizenship that has existed in the United States for more than 200 years. But the overwhelming flood of crime, drugs, undocumented immigrants and especially, unaccompanied children MUST end. According to whistleblower claims, Joe Biden's Regime has lost track of tens of thousands of boys and girls under their care and protection. Many have become victims of human traffickers.


The SIX MILLION illegal border crossings allowed under the Biden Regime is irresponsible and unsustainable. Again, I'm asking you to please take action to stop illegal immigration by unequivocally supporting the Secure the Border Act of 2023 (H.R. 2) and push for a floor vote on the bill in the Senate. Thank you for your immediate attention to end the unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border. 




A Concerned, American Patriot