Dear Member of Congress,


I understand that some people might see a TikTok ban as blatant censorship, but it's necessary to protect individuals' personal data from a foreign government that is hostile to free speech and freedom of religion. So, I'm faxing today in support of a congressional ban on the dangerous video-sharing app without sacrificing every Americans' First Amendment rights through the RESTRICT Act.


TikTok's huge popularity across America also makes it dangerous. The parent company of the social-media app captures user data and, reportedly, makes it available to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That kind of security risk is unacceptable on both a national AND personal level. But I'm also calling on Republicans in the House and Senate today to "Reject The RESTRICT Act!" as a way to ban TikTok. 


While protecting every American's personal privacy is important, so is guaranteeing every citizens First Amendment right to the freedom of speech. The RESTRICT Act has been called "Orwellian," a "Trojan horse" and "the Patriot Act on steroids." Please take action to help secure our great nation's safety and sovereignty against China -- the United States' chief global competitor -- while also safeguarding our First Amendment.


Efforts by Republicans in the House and Senate to ban TikTok will protect every American's personal privacy. But by doing so through the RESTRICT Act, you will help secure our safety and sovereignty against China -- the United States' chief global competitor -- at the expense of freedom. Please note that I am monitoring congressional response to my urgent call to action. Thank you for your time and attention to this national-security and constitutional-rights issue.




A Concerned, Taxpaying American