Dear Member of Congress,


Even with the government shutdown temporarily ended, the Trump Administration and Congress are still embroiled in a border-wall battle. I'm going on record supporting President Trump and calling on Congress to FUND THE BORDER WALL! The Senate will play a key role in the fight against illegal immigration. As a duly elected lawmaker, you must take every necessary step to ensure America's safety and sovereignty.


It's outrageous that Congress has refused to provide real funding for the border wall, while open borders activists make a mockery of our nation through politically motivated efforts, such as "migrant" caravans. The fact is, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are already streaming across our border. The first obligation of government is to protect its people, not open our borders wide for any and all people who arrive at our "front steps." And the first step to securing our borders is to have a security wall to deter people from illegally entering our country.


We simply must fund the wall and secure America's southern border. And it must happen before the next federal-budget deadline on February 15. That's why I support another government shutdown, if the border wall is not fully funded. Again, I support the President in this ongoing showdown with Congress. I say, "Fund the wall, or shut down the government AGAIN!"




A Concerned U.S. Citizen