Dear Republican Lawmaker,


I'm faxing today to urge you to fund Israel and NOT Ukraine. A new House Speaker has won the gavel. That means, the battle for taxpayer dollars to help fund wars in Israel and Ukraine is heating up on Capitol Hill.


Israel is fighting for its survival against enemies that want to annihilate the Jewish state, but Senate RINOs are working with Democrats to funnel BILLIONS more to fund Joe's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. I do NOT want to see the D.C. Uni-Party tie Israel aid to legislation that also funds Ukraine!


American taxpayers have shelled out (at least) $113 BILLION to and his cronies already. Does that country deserve additional U.S. aid? America should prioritize helping our greatest ally in the Middle East destroy Hamas and other terror groups. Thank you, in advance, for your response to my important call to action.




A Patriotic, Taxpaying American