(Grassfire Vault, 2010)

Back at the height of the Obama regime, a budding revolt was building: the Tea Party. Grassfire was right in the midst of that "Taxed Enough Already movement. I spoke at the local Tea Party rally on April 15 that first year. It was electric. By 2010, the Tea Party movement was gaining steam, and a clear goal was in sight: flipping the House of Representatives to GOP control with a strong contingent of Tea Party committed incoming members.

Here at Grassfire, we launched an multi-media and grassroots campaign called "Flip This House." We produced a guide and help events to rally and equip citizens. Here are a few of the videos we produced for the effort:

Flip This House INTRO:

Flip This House PRINCIPLES:

Flip This House PLAN:

Flip This House ACTION:

Steve Elliott


Steve Elliott is the co-founder of Grassfire, a 1.5 million member liberty-based citizen network. Steve likes to talk about politics, tech, faith and family.