Sir or Madame,


I am outraged that the FISA authorization has allowed open spying on Americans and I'm writing to let you know I OPPOSE any FISA reauthorization that gives the federal government the power to spy on American citizens without a warrant.


Even worse, a new provision of this bill turns thousands upon thousands of small business INTO SECRET SPIES FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! This is outrageous.


Several prominent leaders have been spied upon -- without a warrant -- by our government, including President Trump and Tucker Carlson. But they are not alone. FISA has been used to spy on the data, information, and communications of American citizens. This must stop.


Under no circumstances is it acceptable or constitutional for the government to spy, without a warrant, on its own citizens. That's why I support Sen. Paul's amendment that would require a warrant to authorize reviewing data or activities by Americans. We must also safeguard the personal information or communications of Americans so that it cannot be obtained without a warrant. 


This is a fundamental, Constitutional right of Americans. I urge you to vote NO on FISA reauthorization unless it clearly prohibits spying on American citizens as Sen. Paul's amendments do.




A Patriotic, American Taxpayer