The fallout from Joe Biden's historically divisive "MAGA hate speech" is still being felt across our great nation. Understandably, "America First" patriots are outraged that the "Divider-in-Chief" would speak with such vitriol, anger and hostility to the more than 74 million supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Last night, both prime-time hosts for FOX News, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, railed against Mr. Biden. Carlson, whose program airs first on the most-watched channel in cable news, slammed Thursday's address — and the man who delivered it — as "authoritarian":

"Joe Biden gave the most threatening presidential speech in American history last week. He spoke in front of a blood-red backdrop, flanked by U.S. Marines. And he delivered, if you take a step back, the blueprint for the rest of his administration: Criminalize dissent, effectively ban the opposition, and use the federal agencies to transform America into a one party state."

In the next hour, Hannity insisted that Biden's "dark and ominous" rhetoric was "by design." He added that the speech revealed the Democrat Party's plan for the upcoming election:

"They want this to be about anything other than their disastrous, failed record. They now want to shift the public's attention to all things Donald Trump. … According to Joe, so-called MAGA Republicans – you are a threat to democracy. We're all enemies of the state – a pretty disgusting, blatant, focus-group tested effort and slogan to distract you, the American people, for what are catastrophic policies and a horrific agenda, and he's doing it just in time for the midterms."

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