FBI raid: "Worst attack in modern history"

The Great One Mark Levin nailed it in his immediate response to news that the FBI had sent three dozen agents to raid President Trump's home in Florida...

"This was well orchestrated so this was going on for weeks.... What's the justification? There is no justification for sending 30 FBI agents to the former President's compound.... 

"This is the worst attack on this Republic in Modern History. Period. And it's not just an attack on Donald Trump. It's an attack on everybody who supports him. It's an attack on anybody who dares to raise serious questions about Washington, D.C. and the establishment."

Levin is precisely right. Newsweek confirmed today that the raid was well-orchestrated, timed to take place when President Trump was out of town. And it is clearly a PRETEXT for a larger "criminal" investigation. They searched far and wide through Mara Lago -- even rifling through Melania's wardrobe!

The goal is clear -- keep "investigating" President Trump until they "find" (i.e. invent) a crime. As Josef Stalin's top secret police officer said: "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime," because corrupt governments can "criminalize" any of their political opponents.

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