Dear Republican Lawmaker,


I'm faxing today to urge you to STOP FAILING and GET TO WORK for the American people. For almost three years now, the United States has suffered under the tyranny and failures of the Joe Biden Regime. Runaway inflation, skyrocketing interest rates, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that armed the Taliban, the COVID debacle, a multi-BILLION proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe at our southern border are just some of the problems We the People have been forced to endure under the worst "presidency" in 40 years -- perhaps longer!


In addition to ALL OF THAT, Republicans in Congress continue to look the other way as President Trump and his supporters -- America First patriots and other conservatives -- are constantly under attack by a highly politicized and weaponized Department of "Justice." Under Joe's Regime, rogue federal agents would rather prosecute and persecute the former president, traditional Catholics and "J6" grandmothers than Antifa, BLM and pro-Hamas rioters! What has the Grand Old Party, the GOP, done to stop ANY OF THIS? Nothing!


The empty rhetoric, useless hearings, endless "investigations" and continued bankrolling and green-lighting of the Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer spending priorities MUST END! EVERY Republican should be embarrassed and ashamed by the party's lack of action in the face of such blatant attacks against Americans' safety, sovereignty and constitutional rights. Our great nation's way of life and future are at stake, yet too few "Republicans" have the strength and resolve to take action and demand America return to being "the land of the free."


Again, the GOP is FAILING! Please, GET TO WORK for We the People and SAVE AMERICA! Thank you, in advance, for responding to my important call to action.




A Patriotic, Taxpaying American