English researchers have revealed a 99.995% survival rate among the nearly 470,000 COVID-infected children they examined this year. That means the risk of death from coronavirus is only .005% in boys and girls younger than 18! And because the U.K. study is based on "known" cases only, it's very likely that the COVID threat is even LESS than five deaths in 100,000 cases!

This evidence (published in yesterday's Wall Street Journal) makes a very strong case that, unless their child has a preexisting condition, U.S. parents should NOT be forced to vaccinate young sons and daughters against the coronavirus. 

Back in May of 2020, Grassfire published a video, "Free Our Kids," in which we already precisely projected this same VERY, VERY LOW fatality rate (.005%) of coronavirus in children. Where did we get this data 15 months ago? From the Center for Disease Control's website.

Yet, despite this overwhelming evidence of the EXTREMELY LOW threat COVID-19 poses to children, the Biden regime is continuing to push their aggressive, tyrannical agenda. The radical, unhinged Left's "vaccine coercion" MUST stop now!

Remember the pro-abortion lobby's "My body, my choice" mantra? If women can end their pregnancies without government interference, why should choosing NOT to receive a new, largely experimental vaccine be a problem?

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Mr. Biden and his radical Democrat colleagues didn't reach their July Fourth goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans with at least one dose. But the regime hasn't given up the fight.

See last night's email here to learn how the Biden regime is doubling down on their outrageous, vaccine-coercion plan. Or click here to send your "No Jab Mandate!" faxes to GOP Senators now. Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please note that Grassfire supports voluntary coronavirus immunization, especially for the elderly and those with certain preexisting conditions. But we also believe that FORCING Americans of ANY age to get a COVID vaccine is unconstitutional. If you agree, go here to send your personalized "No Jab Mandate!" faxes now: