Axios is now reporting that Chuck Schumer will resurrect the RINO-Democrat Border SELLOUT bill next week and make it the main legislative item in the Senate.

This is clearly an effort to pressure RINOs to support the Left's anti-border security approach.

The bill was reintroduced this week and Schumer, according to Axios, will force the Senate floor vote NEXT WEEK. To be clear...

Not ONE PENNY will go to actually building a border wall. In fact, the RINO-Left SELLOUT bill will actually INCREASE illegal immigration by funding the Democrat apparatus that is causing the invasion! Let your voice be heard here:


We still need about 100 Grassfire friends to take action and fax key RINOs right now and let them know where you stand on this latest Border SELLOUT.

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+ + Schumer clearly pressuring RINOs

Schumer is clearly heaping pressure on vulnerable RINOs to join their border sellout. He said yesterday:

“We want to work with our Republican colleagues on border security, just as we showed we were serious when we worked with them earlier this year. But our Republican colleagues must show they are ready to match their border rhetoric with real action." -- Chuck Schumer

Thanks for taking action.


Source: Axios, MSNBC

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