Grassfire is thrilled to announced the 2018 "Snowflake" Awards.

During the week between Christmas and New Year's, Grassfire will announce the winners of our "Snowflake" award categories, recognizing the most outrageous Snowflake actions over the past year.

"This is a great opportunity to highlight how Snowflakes 'jumped the shark' over this past year and pushed their soft-bellied brand of political correctness to new lows," says Steve Elliott, president of Grassfire.

The four Snowflake Award categories for 2018 are:

  • Worst Activism Campaign
  • Worse Snowflake Meltdown
  • Worst Anti-Trump Effort
  • Dumbest Shaming Campaign

The winners will be announced December 27-30 on Grassfire's 1.3 million strong "Thrive America"' Facebook page. Those wishing to submit nominations may do so by leaving a comment on this post or on this FB page. "We'll take nominations, but we already have a pretty good idea who the frontrunners are," says Elliott. "Especially for WAC (worst activism campaign) -- the one we have in mind will be hard to top. It's probably an all-time WAC."

Steve Elliott


Steve Elliott is the co-founder of Grassfire, a 1.5 million member liberty-based citizen network. Steve likes to talk about politics, tech, faith and family.