A debate is raging in the Grassfire offices about whether it's "appropriate" to play Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. One of our staff members says his family started listening to "O Holy Night" and other popular Yuletide songs on Halloween! Others insist that Christmas music MUST NOT be played until AFTER Thanksgiving.

The debate got us wondering what Grassfire Nation thinks. So today, we're launching the "Christmas Music Conundrum" QuickPoll.

If you think it's O.K. to start playing Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving, click here or on the "BEFORE!" image below. If you think "Silent Night," "Jingle Bells" and the rest should wait until AFTER Thanksgiving, click here or on the "AFTER!" image below.

Grassfire understands that there are many issues facing our nation that are much more serious than this one. But we simply want to have a little fun and, hopefully, spread a little bit of pre-Christmas cheer. Please let us know what you think by participating in Grassfire's "Christmas Music Conundrum" QuickPoll.

Thanks, in advance, for voting.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Our QuickPolls are not scientific. They do not endorse a specific Grassfire position and are for informational purposes only.