Challenging Bill Gates, Explaining Antibody Testing, and Where is the age data? (CounterDrudge for April 2)

Why Bill Gates is WRONG on all three points, the importance of antibody testing, and. more on today's "CounterDrudge" coronavirus headlines. Access all the stories here:

Posted by Stand With Liberty on Thursday, April 2, 2020


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  • Tara Williams
    commented 2020-04-03 14:04:23 -0400
    Totally agree. I think this virus was here well before the government thinks it was and that many will have antibodies to it. Let’s focus on that so we know who might need a vaccine!
  • Ladonna Beals
    commented 2020-04-03 08:16:19 -0400
    Some of us do not want a vaccine. HIs ideas of how to depopulate the world through vaccine injury and side effects is immoral.
  • Rush Youngberg
    commented 2020-04-02 17:47:09 -0400
    Gates may have a conflict of interest. I would like to see information regarding his alleged relationship with Monsanto with regards to DDT and malaria in Africa. Also, his alleged ownership of shares in hazmat suits for Ebola and vaccines. I would check his interests in businesses regarding Coronavirus. Also, I understand that he is proponent of eugenics.

    Such pandemics as this have been over-estimated and sensationalized. It kills the elderly and infirm, primarily. I believe that Gates is an advocate of “thinning” the population. He has been seen at a Bilderberg meeting, as have Romney, the Clintons and Kodmani. Honorary chairman is David Rockefeller.

    It is not that Bill Gates is “wrong”, rather how is that such a well-informed wizard could be so "wrong. Who benefits.

    Rush Youngberg, M.D.