The situation in Oklahoma is worse than we thought. An EF-4 tornado hit the town of Barnsdall. Our friends at Mercy Chefs -- Grassfire's disaster relief partner -- are serving hot meals to Oklahoma tornado victims TODAY and they need our help.

My family sponsored 30 hot meals ($105). Could you match that or perhaps sponsor 10 meals ($35) or 20 meals ($70)? Go here to help feed Oklahoma tornado victims, and see below for more details.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire



This is some of the worst tornado damage I have seen in 18 years of disaster relief. Please go here for my video report showing the extent of the damage and our response:

The damage of an EF-4 tornado is hard to describe. A tornado of this magnitude will level homes and buildings and demolish cars. To see this type of destruction in a small town is especially hard because everyone in Barnsdall has been impacted.

+ + We are expanding to meet the need

These next several days are critical. This was a major tornado strike that has impacted tens of thousands of people in Northeast Oklahoma. These communities are still reeling from the devastation that just hit. They need our help right now.

Mercy Chefs is expanding our relief efforts to meet the need. Yesterday, we began providing hot meals from a second location in neighboring Bartlesville where officials say up to 1,200 homes and businesses were damaged by this tornado.

This is the point at which the bills start to pile up. I need to order more food -- by the truckload. And now we need to keep two locations operating to serve these communities that have been ravaged by this massive storm.

I'm asking every Mercy Chefs friend to stand with us today as we feed families in Barnsdall and Bartlesville who need help right now. Go here to sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 or more meals we'll serve in the coming days:

Even if you donated recently, please consider giving again. If you haven't yet given to support our tornado relief efforts here in Oklahoma, please do so today! We need every Mercy Chefs friend standing together to help these folks.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless,


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