BREAKING: Trump To Visit Victims Of Ohio Train Disaster Wednesday

Grassfire has learned that President Donald Trump will visit victims of the Ohio train-derailment disaster on Wednesday. America's 45th Commander-in-Chief released the following statement via email this morning:

ßiden and FEMA said they would not be sending federal aid to East Palestine. As soon as I announced that I'm going, he announced a team will go. Hopefully he will also be there. This is good news because we got them to "move." The people of East Palestine need help. I'll see you on Wednesday!

For two weeks, Joe's regime has either ignored or tried to downplay the horror of this ecological disaster. When Ohio's Republican governor first asked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) help, he was refused. Now that President Trump has entered the picture, things have changed dramatically.

+ + Next Week Could Impact The 2024 Presidential Race!

Grassfire thinks this trip is going to be HUUUUGE. If President Trump handles himself well, as he usually does in public settings and personal appearances, the American people will see the leadership they've been missing since Joe ascended to the White House.

The contrast between how each man deals with the situation and interacts with people will be obvious and undeniable. We predict next week's Ohio visit will be a defining moment that leads to a Trump win and Joe loss next year.

Of course, "45" hasn't won the 2024 GOP nomination yet, but a new Harvard-Harris poll has him leading Florida governor Ron DeSantis, another great Republican, by 18 points. President Trump also beats Joe and Kamala in head-to-head matchups.

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