UPDATE: Tuesday, March 7 @ 12:05 a.m.

In our previous update (see below), Grassfire revealed the results of our "2024 GOP Presidential Poll." The final tally was a big surprise when compared to a similar survey we conducted in November. It turns out that, between then and now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis LOST MORE THAN HALF OF HIS SUPPORT among our team members.

Four months ago, 55% of Grassfire Nation preferred DeSantis over President Donald Trump. But, in our  "2024 GOP Presidential Poll" last week, the Sunshine State's chief executive received only 27% of the vote, while Mr. Trump earned 65%.

Surprised? Don't be. The "CPAC Straw Poll" results released Saturday are even worse for DeSantis. Keep reading to learn more.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

Monday evening:

BREAKING: It's Trump -- in a landslide -- for 2024.

The results of our 2024 GOP Presidential Poll are in, and it's President Trump in a landslide! After five days of voting, Mr. Trump finished first -- way out in front -- with 65% of the vote. His nearest competitor is Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who's supported by 27% of Grassfire team members.

Our 2024 GOP Presidential Poll was intended to coincide with last week's "Conservative Political Action Conference" in Washington, D.C. On Saturday, CPAC released the results of their 2024 "Straw Poll." Their final tally was even more one-sided than Grassfire'sThe Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Trump easily won the CPAC presidential contenders straw poll released Saturday with 62% of the event's attendees compared with 20% for Mr. DeSantis and others well below that, according to organizers.

One likely reason for the Florida governor's poor showing was his decision to skip CPAC this year. In a different Grassfire poll conducted in November, after the Sunshine State's impressive midterm election victories, Gov. DeSantis beat President Trump 55% to 43%. But "45" clearly has the advantage now.

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