Our internal reports indicate that major email providers have been blocking, pausing and/or "blacklisting" Grassfire email updates this month. It's the second time this year that Big Tech has INTENTIONALLY prevented hundreds of thousands of team members from receiving our daily updates.

We can prove it! Our tech team says Grassfire updates were intentionally "paused" and "throttled" by a number of email providers. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of time-sensitive messages have taken several hours, even days, to reach "America First" patriots -- if they arrived at all!

+ + Grassfire SILENCED By Big Tech TWO TIMES In 2022!

First, it happened in mid-March, after we empowered you to demand Joe Biden defend and secure America's southern border BEFORE spending billions to protect Ukraine's. That same week, Grassfire also gave you a voice in the fight to stop 2022's first SPENDING SCAM.

Silicon Valley leftists silenced you for daring to fight a $1.5-TRILLION "omnibus" bill that further threatened the U.S. economy and harmed American taxpayers. This month, over the EXACT SAME ISSUE of runaway government spending, major email providers and social-media "giants" were at it again.

Apparently, Big Tech didn't approve of our efforts over the past few weeks to give you a voice in two "America First" battles. In December, team members protected their First Amendment rights regarding same-sex marriage and fought to stop Joe Biden's and the Uni-Party's $1.7-TRILLION SPENDING SCAM.

Given the nature of breaking news in Washington, D.C., especially over the past month, this battle against Big Tech censorship has limited YOUR ABILITY to know what's REALLY going on in our nation's capital. Also, these attacks have created an alarming financial shortfall as we approach the end of 2022. Our revenue is down 40% from 2021!

+ + Help Grassfire Fight Back By Empowering YOU To Take Action!

You can help Grassfire fight back against this Big Tech censorship AND meet a $20,000 BUDGET SHORTFALL this month. We're asking 200 team members to step up before midnight tomorrow by making a contribution of $20, $30, $40 or more to help us build in 2023.

Your ongoing financial support in this battle is URGENTLY NEEDED to empower "America First" patriots, like you, to make their voices heard. Push back against the Biden Regime, Big Tech, the D.C. Swamp, Deep State, Uni-Party RINOs, FAKE NEWS, the Woke Mob and the rest of the radical, unhinged Left.

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+ + Our Gift To You...

We don't know for certain if Big Tech's blocking, shadow banning and throttling of our efforts are part of the larger SCANDAL of social-media companies' attacks against conservatives. Still, Grassfire can document twice in 2022 when censorship seriously harmed our ability to communicate with team members.

When you help Grassfire fight Silicon Valley attacks today, you'll receive the "Celebrate America" 2023 wall calendar as our gift. This patriotic 13-month calendar is 11" X 19" when opened and features 13 high-quality images on gloss, UV-coated paper to resist fading. Plus, "Celebrate America" ships absolutely FREE via first-class mail!

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+ + Fight Big Tech Censorship By Supporting Grassfire!

Grassfire is at a crisis point. As mentioned above, we've been forced to fight this battle twice in 2022. Big Tech censorship has seriously hurt our financial revenue this year, leaving us 40% behind 2021.

We really need your help to finish strong, so we can enter 2023 on the best financial footing possible. Please, click here to support our grassroots efforts in the year ahead. Thanks, in advance, for standing with us today.

For life, liberty and limited government!

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Big Government, Big Tech, FAKE NEWS, the radical, unhinged Left all want to control the flow of information and keep patriots from connecting. We must fight back against these censors every way we can. That's why Grassfire urgently needs your help. Again, in appreciation for your gift of $20 or more, you'll receive our "Celebrate America" 2023 wall calendar. Shipping is FREE! Go here to help Grassfire FIGHT to amplify YOUR VOICE on Capitol Hill:

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