Dear Senator,


I'm outraged that Congress is rushing to pass a CORRUPT and DEFICIT-RIDDEN "omnibus" bill that increases the deficit, pushes the Left's radical agenda and sends billions to Congressional pet projects. That's why I'm writing to urge you to oppose the $1.5 Trillion Omnibus.


This new spending scam brings back EARMARKS -- that dirty trick that lets members of Congress get BILLIONS for their pet projects. This bill includes 4,000 earmarks, including 142 linked to Sen. Schumer's name. While Democrats are the worst offenders, GOP RINOs are bellying up for the pork as well.


To make matters worse, this monstrosity also includes:


  • $100 billion for the Green New Deal
  • $13 billion for Ukraine but ZERO DOLLARS to secure our own border!
  • Funding for "border security" in eight countries but ZERO DOLLARS for a U.S. border wall
  • Billions more in food stamp funding
  • Many provisions to push the radical Left's woke agenda
  • Another dramatic increase in our federal deficit


I am urging you to vote NO on the Dirty Deal Omnibus and insist on bill that does not push the radical Left agenda and further bankrupt our nation.