We just connected with "America's Artist" Jon McNaughton and he has some exciting news...

He just received his first shipment of his 2020 "Believe In Freedom" Wall Calendar featuring his most popular paintings of President Trump, and it looks beautiful! (Go here for a sneak peek!)

Just one problem...

Jon says he has already sold out of his first printing of the calendar. So he contacted Grassfire to let us know that if we wanted our team members to have access to copies from the next print run, he needed to know how many to reserve for Grassfire team members.

So we're reaching out to you.

This month, Grassfire is giving our team members the opportunity to receive this 2020 Trump Wall Calendar in appreciation of a contribution of $30 or more to help us build. If you can contribute $55 or more, we'll reserve TWO COPIES of the calendar for you! Go here now to see the calendar and request your copies when you help Grassfire:

+ + The one "must have" 2020 Trump wall calendar

We believe McNaughton has put together the one "must have" wall calendar featuring President Trump. Each month, this beautiful calendar (13.5" x 24" when opened) features one of the artist's already-classic paintings featuring President Trump, including MAGA Ride, Swamp Crossing and many others. The calendar comes delivered to you in a four-color protective jacket, and each image includes the artist telling the story explaining the meaning behind the paintings.

Go here to request your copy or copies of McNaughton's 2020 Trump Wall Calendar when you help Grassfire!

Again, Jon McNaughon contacted us because he already sold out of the calendar and we need to tell him ASAP how many copies of the next printing to reserve for Grassfire team members.

Please let us know and thanks for standing for liberty and limited government!


P.S. It's a bit earlier than we normally think of calendars, but Jon already SOLD OUT of his first printing! We need to tell Jon how many copies to reserve for Grassfire team members by the END OF THIS WEEK if at all possible. Please go here now to request your copy or copies when you help Grassfire:

(For orders of 3 or more, go here.)


Tina Fox


Project Manager at Grassroots Action