Bannon: "I am a political prisoner!"

Yesterday, Steve Bannon reported to federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, for the bogus political charge conjured up by the Biden Leftists to silence one of the leading MAGA voices in the nation. Click below to watch:

Steve was defiant to the very moment he walked into prison...

"I'm a political prisoner of Nancy Pelosi. I'm a political prisoner of Merrick Garland. I'm a political prisoner of Joe Biden and the corrupt Biden establishment."

Steve is right. This is a political WITCH HUNT that is designed to silence our voices. Well, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

+ + How you can Stand With Steve...

Two ways you can Stand with Steve and against the Left's lawfare today:

+ + Action #1 -- Flood Congress with Faxes TODAY -- PRICE SLASHED! JUST $6!!

We cut the price to just $6 so everyone can take action today.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, will you take 3 minutes to schedule faxes to Speaker Johnson and key Republican Reps, calling on them to RESCIND THE BANNON SUBPOENA? Go here now to schedule your faxes:

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+ + Action #2 -- Call your Rep. and Speaker Johnson

Call your Representative in Congress at 202-225-3121! Let him or her know where you stand on rescinding the Bannon subpoena and this blatant lawfare attack.

Also call Speaker Johnson: 202-225-2777 or 202-225-4000

Thank you, in advance, for the stand you are taking to support America's founding principles of life, liberty and limited government.

The Grassfire Team


House GOP leaders CAN STOP this outrageous attack on one of the key MAGA leaders! Speaker Johnson could call for a full House floor vote to declare the actions of the J6 committee illegitimate and to rescind the Bannon subpoena. The J6 committee was a BOGUS committee. Nancy Pelosi did not allow Republicans to appoint their own members to the committee. Instead, Democrats hand-picked a WITCH-HUNT list of RINOs who joined with the Democrats to conduct a bogus investigation.