Grassfire just learned of the possibility of a key House vote TOMORROW to help stop the illegal invasion.

Congress is planning a vote on a bill that will require that our U.S. Census INCLUDE A QUESTION ABOUT CITIZENSHIP STATUS.

This may not seem like a big deal, but...

Because our census does not require a "citizenship" question, there is no accurate count of the number of citizens and non-citizens living in our country. This means WE ARE KEPT IN THE DARK AS TO THE TRUE SCOPE OF THE ILLEGAL INVASION!

This is no accident. The radical, woke, progressive LEFT wants to continue the illegal invasion without anyone actually knowing the scope.

HR 7109 changes this by REQUIRING that every census form include a question about whether the person and those in their household are U.S. citizens.

+ + Key action TODAY: Fax Key House Republicans NOW

Grassfire just launched a new FaxFire calling on Congress  to "COUNT CITIZENS" in our Census. If you are concerned about this issue, go here to fax key GOP leaders and urge them to COUNT CITIZENS in our census:

(VIPs--go here to send this fax for just $3! (Not a VIP? Go here.)

Thanks for taking a stand.


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