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Last night, we found an interesting and eye-opening article about the significance of "Let's Go Brandon!" The national phenomenon started after NBC's NASCAR reporter Kelli Stavast conducted a post-race interview with winning driver Brandon Brown, as people in the stands chanted: "F*** Joe Biden!" Dr. Torrance Stephens, a university professor and Ph.D., notes on Substack:

Little did Stavast know that her words would backfire and cause a movement. She could not have thought that the crowd was saying, "Let's go Brandon!" She said something foolish to try to hide what the crowd was saying and is now the butt of a worldwide joke. The media got caught carrying Biden's water for him again and gave the world and the resistance a rally cry. ...

No matter where you go, people are saying it. They even use it as if it were a punctuation mark to end sentences. Honestly, its moments like this that make me think maybe all is not lost.

Grassfire agrees. "Let's Go Brandon!" is indeed a rally cry for "the resistance." All is NOT lost! Millions of anti-tyranny Americans are tired of the Biden regime running this great nation into the ground. They've orchestrated a supply-chain crisis; out-of-control inflation; and the deadly failures in Afghanistan, while also trying to impose divisive, job-killing and unscientific vaccine mandates.

It's no wonder Americans want to blow off a little steam and "throw some shade" at Joe Biden and his feckless administration. Chanting "Let's go, Brandon!" certainly beats the vulgar alternative.

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Let's Go Brandon: The Second Shot Heard Around the World (Torrance Stephens, Ph.D. on Substack) [Warning: profanity]