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Joe tried to demean President Trump by calling him "The Great MAGA King," but Biden's attempt at mockery revealed JUST HOW BAD we now have it under Sleepy Joe!

With skyrocketing unemployment, violence in the streets, no baby formula in the stores, gas prices at record highs, millions flooding across our borders, our schools failing and Supreme Court nominees who can't even say what a "woman" is, WE NEED THE RETURN OF THE GREAT MAGA KING!

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P.S. Please note: we'll be officially launching our new Liberty Store next month. But right now, we're pre-opening the store for our Grassfire team. Simply use the code "AMERICAFIRST" at checkout to get 10% off your "Great MAGA King" t-shirt and dozens of other pro-liberty products in Grassfire's Liberty StoreAccess a 15% discount on orders of $75 or more by using the code "SAVEAMERICA" at checkout.