The Grassfire team is praying URGENTLY for God to bless America in the midst of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the Chinese Coronavirus. Except for perhaps 9/11, we can't think of a time when the United States and her people needed the Lord's blessing more than right now.

In response to this national emergency, Grassfire began selling our exclusive "God Bless America" yard signs last week. While we usually wait until after Easter to offer these popular and patriotic lawn displays to our team members, we thought the country needed them now.

Our goal is to empower thousands of pro-faith patriots to post "God Bless America" yard signs as "flags of faith" outside homes, businesses, churches and schools "from sea to shining sea." Click here or on the image to order now.

These 26" x 16" patriotic tributes are shipped FREE. Constructed of rugged, weather-resistant plastic, they can be displayed rain or shine to share an inspiring and uplifting message with your entire community.

Discounts are available when you order more than one. Each comes with a stand for posting outside your home, office, church and/or school. Click here to order one for $30, two for $55 and three for $75.

Again, we're asking our heavenly Father to intervene "from sea to shining sea" with His peace, protection and provision during these dark and confusing days. Push back against the fear and uncertainty of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic with "God Bless America" yard signs.

Shipping is absolutely FREE! So, don't wait. Order now!

Thanks, in advance, for your support.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Remind everyone that we are STILL "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Post our exclusive, "God Bless America" yard signs outside your home, office, church or school to fight the fear over Chinese Coronavirus. They're shipped absolutely FREE. So please, click here or on the image below to order now: