The #1 message America needs right now...

Let's face it...

We are in a battle for the very soul of America, and the tension we feel is all about FAITH and FREEDOM. The Left is attacking faith in God and our foundations of freedom at every turn.

That's why our patriotic holidays -- and especially Independence Day -- are so important. This is our opportunity to stand boldly in our communities for faith and freedom!

+ + Special Offer for July 4th...
Our most patriotic yard sign for ANY AMOUNT!

To help our team members stand for faith and freedom this July 4th. we're offering our most popular "GOD BLESS AMERICA" yard sign for a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire!

We've NEVER before offered this yard sign for ANY AMOUNT. But with the Left in full attack mode once again against any symbol of patriotism, we want our team members to proclaim this powerful message during our most important national holiday.

Go here or click on the yard sign image to request your GOD BLESS AMERICA yard sign for ANY AMOUNT.

+ + Two bonus gifts...

Plus, when you request your yard sign, please consider helping Grassfire with a contribution of $30 or more. We need help this month more than ever, and we'll send you two bonus gifts that will add to your patriotic celebration.

Thanks for the stand you are taking!


P.S. Supplies are limited for this special offer and THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR SHIPPING. But we need to hear from you soon to guarantee delivery in time for July 4th. Go here: