Thanks for helping Grassfire! Here's how to access your exclusive "Sneak Peak" of my upcoming book, 21 Years Of Trump...

Thanks again for helping Grassfire at this critical time!

This is one of the most challenging and exciting times to be alive. And right in the center of it all is the most unlikely of all American political figures, Donald Trump. Trump is casting a long shadow on American politics and culture that will last for years to come. That's why I wrote 21 Years Of Trump.

To thank you for your support, we're giving you exclusive access to an unpublished DRAFT of the first two chapters of the book. We'll send you the finished book some time in early September when the manuscript is complete.

Thanks again and see below!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

Two ways to access your 21 Years Draft...

#1 -- View Online NOW by clicking here.

This link will give you access to the document. For this version it is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, although it will also work on your phone.

#2 -- BEST VIEWING -- If you have an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to add the draft to the Apple BOOKS app...

  1. Click on this link from your iPhone or iPad (or scan the QR code below)
  2. Depending on your setup, click on the DOWNLOAD icon or the SHARE button
  3. Click "Export File"
  4. Select the Books app and the book should open