The Winner of the 2018 "Snowflake" for "Worst Snowflake Meltdown" goes to...

The Shaming of "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Just when you thought you'd seen and heard it all, then the Snowflakes went after a classic song that we've been singing for about a hundred years and Michael Buble re-did not too long ago.

But the song implies that the girl doesn't really want to stay and the guy is probably drugging her into staying. DATE RAPE!

Yeah. I'm sure that's what Dean Martin was thinking when he recorded that hit. 

Actually, NOBODY was thinking like the Snowflakes until the Snowflakes announced to us how bad the song is! All of a sudden, it's all we could talk about. Should Christian groups sing this song? How can we condone date rape at Christmas? On and on it went.

Fortunately, this Snowflake crisis melted down and caused a counter-insurgency of normalcy. Dean Martin's recording ran up the charts, all the way to #10. And we not only kept singing it, we now sing it just to tick off the Snowflakes. A Christmas classic with new meaning.

Snowflakes.... it's cold outside!