I do politics for my show on FB "live".  I just got a notification this morning, the day of my broadcast that they have banned some of my content because it may go against their community standards.  WHAAT??? 
Take a look at my page, and my previous shows.  Most favor our president.  Some don't.  I am a commentator, so I talk about both the LEFT AND THE RIGHT.  So, I want you to put FB on the hotspot for trying to censor free thought.  Because 'free thought is a philosophy and not a policy'.  GRASSFIRE interviewed me at President Trump's Rally in Millington, Tn.  I am a Media Producer and Promoter.  So I told the truth.  GRASSFIRE did a feature story on me in your online magazine.  You can find it in the archives. 
Please take at look at my shows.  I do not incite 'VIOLENCE" on my shows.  Apparently FB is trying to say that I am.  However, it seems to me that FB may be prejudiced against Black Women.  I'm just saying, not accusing, because Diamond and Silk are Black, and I'm Black.  Do we need a Rocket Scientist on this?  Maybe. 
Thanks.  Here's my link:  

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  • Emily Prarls
    commented 2019-11-20 11:15:11 -0500
    Thanks for your stories. I’m back again, because the Democrats are so angry that they are loosing their Impeachment hearings, that this morning, they have restricted me from resharing. I guess that’s all they thought they could get away with legally. But I sent them a rebuttal on it of course. And I want to publish it here.
  • Rita Snyder
    commented 2018-07-26 18:36:13 -0400
    FB blocked me from all of my accounts – I had six, playing musical chairs with the accounts as FB would give me days in FB jail on one, or more, I’d switch to another account. Then – bam! – I was thrown off FB completely. For one reason, and one reason only – my conservative views and support of President Trump! Suckerberg has mostly muzrats working for FB, out in California. The niece of a friend worked there until it got so bad – bad odor, literally, and crappy attitudes by the muslims, she found another job and quit FB! She said they were rabid in tracking down conservatives on FB and shutting them down. This is an absolute blatant violation of our First Amendment rights!!! FB may be a private venue, claiming certain censorship rights, but they are also a public venue, which should annul their right to censor the public as they pick and chose!
  • Emily Prarls
    published this page in your story 2018-07-25 10:54:53 -0400