I do politics for my show on FB "live".  I just got a notification this morning, the day of my broadcast that they have banned some of my content because it may go against their community standards.  WHAAT??? 
Take a look at my page, and my previous shows.  Most favor our president.  Some don't.  I am a commentator, so I talk about both the LEFT AND THE RIGHT.  So, I want you to put FB on the hotspot for trying to censor free thought.  Because 'free thought is a philosophy and not a policy'.  GRASSFIRE interviewed me at President Trump's Rally in Millington, Tn.  I am a Media Producer and Promoter.  So I told the truth.  GRASSFIRE did a feature story on me in your online magazine.  You can find it in the archives. 
Please take at look at my shows.  I do not incite 'VIOLENCE" on my shows.  Apparently FB is trying to say that I am.  However, it seems to me that FB may be prejudiced against Black Women.  I'm just saying, not accusing, because Diamond and Silk are Black, and I'm Black.  Do we need a Rocket Scientist on this?  Maybe. 
Thanks.  Here's my link: