Show Your Love For America And The President With "TRUMP 2020" ReSticker PAKs!

Grassroots patriots need to show their support for President Trump and America at this critical time in our nation's history. The 2020 election has turned into a battle to define (or re-define) the United States. Through violent protests and riots in Democrat-run cities, the anarchists and Marxists of the radical Left continues to undermine our laws, government and way of life.

Grassfire can empower hundreds of thousands of team members to raise their voices on some of the most critical debates of our time. But we need your support now more than ever to reach even more conservative Americans before Election Day.

If you can help us with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT today, we'll send you one of our new and exclusive "I ❤️ America" ReStickers as a thank-you gift. These state-of-the-art, 3" x 9" bumper stickers can be applied and re-applied to virtually any smooth surface. Display it on your car, truck or van to share a pro-America message with your entire community.

If you can contribute $25 or more to help us build during this critical election year, you'll receive our "TRUMP 2020" ReSticker PAK, which includes "I ❤️ America," "TRUMP 2020" and a 4" x 8" American flag ReStickers. For contributions of $35 or more, we'll send you two "TRUMP 2020" ReSticker PAKs.

Your support for Grassfire empowers us to help you make an impact on crucial issues affecting your family and our nation. Thanks, in advance, for standing with us today.

Please help us rally grassroots patriots to stand for liberty and limited government! Simply complete the form below to receive your "TRUMP 2020" ReSticker PAKs in appreciation for your contribution to support Grassfire's efforts to defend life, liberty and limited government.

Note: A $10 minimum is required for contributions made via debit/credit card. To request your ReStickers by supporting Grassfire with a check or money order, simply print this page and mail it with your payment to: Grassfire, "TRUMP 2020" ReSticker PAK, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA  23321

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