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The radical Left simply will not stop their attacks. They attack faith. They attack family. They attack our very way of life. They hate our president. And they try to blame conservatives for America's problems. The 2020 presidential election is going to be one of the most important in our nation's great history. Patriotic Americans need to voice their support for President Trump now!

Grassfire is one of the largest and most active networks of patriotic, grassroots Americans in the nation. In just a few hours, Grassfire can empower hundreds of thousands of team members to engage on some of the most critical issues of our time: abortion, gun control, illegal immigration, religious liberty -- just to name a few! But we need your support to do more. Much more in 2020 and beyond!

If you can help Grassfire meet a critical financial need this month by making a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we'll send you two of our "TRUMP 2020" ReStickers. Most importantly, you'll have our commitment that we are working to build the best Grassfire possible and give you an even greater impact on these key issues affecting our families and our nation.

The Left will not stop until they have destroyed this President and silenced our voices! Please help Grassfire rally more grassroots citizens to stand for liberty and limited government! Simply complete the form below to order your "Trump 2020" ReSticker for your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help us build.

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