Request Your Collectible "Trump 2020" Coins When You Help Grassfire Build!

President Trump is back on the campaign trail, promoting his "Keep America Great Agenda." Despite the ever-increasing attacks on our President and his agenda, millions of grassroots patriots from "sea to shining sea" are making their voices heard, calling for "Four more years!"  

Grassfire is on the front lines of these critical fights that will determine the future of our nation. We're doing everything possible to put more tools in YOUR hands and expand YOUR voice. But Grassfire needs your support now more than ever!

Receive Five "TRUMP 2020" Coins When You Help Grassfire With $50 Or More!

By special arrangement, Grassfire has acquired a limited quantity of collectible "TRUMP 2020" Coins for our team members. Nearly 50% larger than a U.S. Silver Dollar, these presidential keepsakes are a great way to show your support for America's Commander-in-Chief and his "Keep America Great" agenda.

If you can help with a contribution of $50 or more to help Grassfire build in this critical election year, we'll send you five of these stunning "TRUMP 2020" Coins. Plus, we'll cover the shipping. Additional quantities are available for the following contributions:

  • 10 coins for $75
  • 15 coins for $100
  • 20 coins for $125
  • 25 coins for $150
  • 50 coins for $250
  • 100 coins for $500

While these collectibles have no cash value, one side features an image of President Trump with the words "Liberty," "In God We Trust" and "2020." The opposite side is emblazoned with the presidential seal and "Donald Trump 45th President of the United States." (See reverse.) Each coin comes in a protective plastic case, which make them perfect to carry with you and share with family and friends.

Go the "extra mile" with Grassfire by making a contribution of $75 or more and we'll send you TEN "TRUMP 2020" Coins. Shipping is absolutely FREE -- no matter how many you order! Simply complete the form below to support Grassfire. (Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.)

To order by mail, simply print this page and send it with your check or money order made out to "Grassfire" to this address: "Trump 2020" Coins, c/o Grassfire, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA  23321

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