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Few symbols mean more to patriotic Americans than "Old Glory." Grassfire wants to empower you to proudly display these colors with our exclusive "Stars & Stripes 3-PAK" of exclusive ReStickers — bumper stickers that can be applied and re-applied on almost any smooth surface.

In appreciation for any amount...

In appreciation for your contribution of any amount to support Grassfire, as we work to help America thrive, we'll send you our exclusive "Stars & Stripes 3-PAK." You'll receive ReStickers in three sizes, and shipping is FREE! So don't wait. Order now!

Simply complete the form below to request your ReSticker PAK, and thanks so much for standing with Grassfire as we build our nationwide network of grassroots patriots!

(Note: A minimum of $10 is required for contributions made via credit card. For contributions of less than $10, please send your check or money order to: Grassfire, "Stars & Stripes 3-PAK" ReStickers, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321.)

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