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In Let Us Adore Him, popular and patriotic artist Jon McNaughton powerfully captures the true spirit of Christmas. This stunning painting reveals the true "Reason for the Season," as it depicts Mary and Joseph welcoming baby Jesus into the world. McNaughton says even the naming process of this beautiful image overwhelmed him:

"When I realized the title for this painting it brought tears to my eyes. The love and devotion felt by Mary and Joseph when they gazed upon the Christ-child must have been profound. I also sense that heaven itself gazed down with adoration as suggested by the starlight from above. But as the title implies, let 'us' adore Him ... by devoting our hearts to Him and remembering what He did to save us all."

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By special arrangement with "America's Artist," Grassfire is able to offer our team members limited quantities of Let Us Adore Him at a deep discount -- just in time for Christmas. Receive this keepsake artwork in appreciation for your contribution of just $25 or more to help us build. That's nearly 30 percent off our regular price! But again, we only have a very limited supply of these must-have prints available for immediate FREE shipping, so you must order now!

Winning the battle to save our great nation requires action from grassroots patriots across the U.S. Your support of Grassfire's efforts (through offers like this one) allows us to continue standing for America's founding principles of liberty and limited government!

Again, McNaughton's Let Us Adore Him print is available for just $25 and includes immediate, FREE shipping. Simply complete the form below to order now. (Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.)

Note: To order by mail, please send your check or money order to: Grassfire "Let Us Adore Him" Print, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321

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