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Early poll results confirm that Americans stand with the President. Now as attacks on our flag increase, here's how you can show your patriotism...

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Here are the early poll results: (3,000 votes)

  • Support President Trump's stand: 97.7%
  • Do not support President Trump's stand: 2.3%

Ever since NIKE banned the iconic Betsy Ross flag, patriotic Americans have been pushing back and reclaiming our patriotic roots. And now with members of Congress attacking our nation (and the President pushing back), its time for every American to take a stand.

That's why Grassfire has created a special Betsy Ross ReSticker 3-PAK -- including our super-sized 10x8 "JUST FLY IT" ReSticker and two iconic 13-Star "Betsy Ross" Flag ReStickers.

These Grassfire-exclusive ReStickers will stick and re-stick without leaving a mark — and are available to you in appreciation of your contribution of $30 or more to help Grassfire build! This is a critical time. America and our values are under attack and we must strengthen our connection at the grassroots to fight back. That's what Grassfire is doing.

These ReStickers are a a great way to show your patriotism! Please complete the form below and help Grassfire build today! And please note that there is no charge for shipping!

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