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The Pledge Of Allegiance controversy is erupting again -- part of the larger debate in our country regarding whether America and our ideals are even worth defending!

President Trump is unashamedly pro-American, and so is Grassfire. We are standing on the wall for our nation -- building a grassroots network of patriotic citizens who can fight these battles. Grassfire is expanding to a new platform that provides more resources to our team. But we need your help with a critical budget shortfall.

If you can help with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire build, we'll send you our exclusive "Trump Pledge Of Allegiance" print featuring President Trump's words on the Pledge from his State Of The Union address. This beautiful, 8"x10" print is produced on high-quality paper and suitable for framing and display in your home -- and is available exclusively to our Grassfire friends.

(Larger view of print here.)

Receive one copy of our exclusive "Trump Pledge" print for your contribution of ANY AMOUNT. If you can contribute $30 or more, we'll send you TWO COPIES of this print -- one to keep and one to share! Please complete the form below to help Grassfire and receive your print!

To support Grassfire by check, simply print this page and mail it with your check to: Grassfire, c/o Grassroots Action, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321