Stand With Grassfire As We STAND WATCH For America!

We are facing an unprecedented effort by radical, "woke" leftists to destroy America and re-write our history. We the People MUST push back against the D.C. Swamp, Deep State, Big Tech and FAKE NEWS!

Grassfire stands with "America First" patriots to SUPPORT LIBERTY and REJECT TYRANNY. But to continue this work and to STAND WATCH for America, we need your URGENT support this month!

Help Grassfire REPORT TRUTH That Empowers "America First" Patriots To TAKE ACTION!

We didn't start this battle to destroy our nation, but WE WILL NOT LET GO OF THIS FIGHT! In order to network hundreds of thousands of citizens, build the necessary online infrastructure, and take this message directly to our nation's leaders on Capitol Hill, Grassfire urgently needs your support!

We can ONLY pursue our grassroots efforts to AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE in our nation's capital if we receive an outpouring of support from our team members NOW! Please help Grassfire REPORT TRUTH the empowers you to TAKE ACTION by making a contribution of ANY AMOUNT. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support.

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