America Must Bless God!

Pro-Faith, Pro-USA Yard Signs Now Available

When America faces a threat like COVID-19, we need to do more than ask God for His help. Americans in EVERY state must proclaim that He is our country’s only hope for true peace, provision and protection.

In the final verse of Luke's gospel, we read that the disciples "were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God" (24:53). In Psalm 103, we're told four times to "bless the Lord." So, in that same spirit, Grassfire created "America Bless God" yard signs.

Encourage Family, Friends and Neighbors To Proclaim God's Goodness

These colorful and patriotic lawn displays are meant to remind all Americans of our need to honor our heavenly Father and to thank Him for His faithfulness to our great nation. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to proclaim the goodness of God by posting these yard signs outside your home, office, church and school.

Grassfire’s "America Bless God" yard signs are 26" x 16" and constructed of rugged, weather-resistant plastic for year-round use. Each one comes with a display stand and is shipped absolutely FREE. Discounts -- and a free upgrade to Priority Mail -- are available if you order more than one. Plus, they look great with our popular "God Bless America" yard signs. See below for pricing information.

$30 One Sign (with frame) -- FREE First-Class Shipping

  $55 Two Signs (with frames) -- FREE Priority Mail Shipping

    $75 Three Signs (with frames) -- FREE Priority Mail Shipping

Please allow two to four weeks for delivery. 

To order by mail, simply print this page and send it with your check or money order made out to "Grassfire" at this address: "America Bless God" yard signs, c/o Grassfire, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA  23321

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