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As the above Late Night segment clearly reveals, the Left is already claiming a big "win" in the upcoming midterm elections. Unhinged radicals continue railing against ANY candidate who dares stand for President Trump's pro-America agenda. The most insidious tactic is the underlying effort to bully and intimidate "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) voters into silence through open harassment. Those who support the President's call to choose "Jobs Not Mobs" on November 6 MUST get out and vote!

How you can help Grassfire reach MILLION of voters...

Grassfire has one of the largest online, grassroots networks in the nation. Our staff is taking action to inform and equip American voters in an effort to overcome any efforts to bully, intimidate and silence. We have a plan to reach MILLIONS of voters before Election Day via social media and direct-marketing efforts.

But we urgently need YOUR HELP to provide rallying points, news updates and "get out the vote" resources that will empower people to let their voices be heard. To ensure that our "MAGA Voter" campaign reaches its target, Grassfire needs to raise $20,000 THIS WEEK. Will you stand with us by making a contribution of ANY AMOUNT between now and November 6?

If grassroots patriots stay home on Election Day, the MAGA Revolution will end! Help us reach millions of voters before November 6. When you support Grassfire by making a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we’ll send you two of our "I'm A MAGA Voter" ReStickers as our gift. Simply complete the form below to help now.

(Note: A minimum credit-card contribution of $10 is required to receive the ReStickers via this website. For contributions of less than $10, please send your check or money order for "Grassfire" to: Grassfire's "MAGA Voter" ReStickers, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321)

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