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    1. Protecting the 2nd Amendment will be our LAST ability to reclaim America from the extreme left, if all goes according to their plan.
    2. The Capital Fence shows their FEAR of Republicans retaking the White House if they become a total dictatorship! And they are well on their way!
    3. The “IN” Equality Act will complete their total control, i.e..; A dictatorship!!!
    4. Illegal Immigration would have been my 2nd choice. The “WALL” must be finished and the border sealed while Covid19 is still a problem! Then when it is under control; “Legal” Immigration must be severely restricted, at least until unemployed Americans are gainfully employed! Illegals must “ALL” be deported immediately!!! With NO Amnesty period! Unless they can PROVE that their life is in danger in their home country.
    5. Mandatory Vaccinations are NOT needed! Covid 19 will take care of those dumb enough to avoid vaccinations…..
    6. Pro Life should be near the top of any of these selections!
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