Sign The Statement of Support Saying, "I'm Praying For The President, First Lady, Their Family And White House Staff"

After the President and First Lady both tested positive for COVID-19, Mr. Trump spent three days at Walter Reed Medical Center receiving treatment. With his blood-oxygen levels normal and no fever, America's Commander-in-Chief made a triumphant return to the White House.

But the President's doctor says Mr. Trump is "not completely out of the woods yet" and needs to be closely monitored in case his symptoms return or get worse. Also, several White House staffers and others close to the Trumps have tested positive for coronavirus. With less than four weeks until Election Day, the First Family needs the prayers of a faithful nation behind them.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and other threats to the President, First Lady, their family and staff, Grassfire is "doubling down" on our "I'm Praying" initiative. We now want 20,000 team members to add their names to our national Statement of Support. Stand with thousands of American patriots declaring, "I'm Praying For The President And The First Family"!

When Grassfire reaches 20,000 "I'm Praying" signers, we'll deliver this Statement of Support to the White House. Please add your name below.

Here's the Statement of Support:

President Trump... I'm praying for you and the First Lady. May God bless and protect both of you, your family and those closest to you, including your friends and staff at the White House.


20,000 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Patricia Koeneman
    signed 2020-10-06 12:40:05 -0400
  • Lane Garrett
    signed 2020-10-06 12:39:39 -0400
    We are praying for you.
  • Margaret Wolcott
    signed 2020-10-06 12:39:37 -0400
    My husband and me pray for the President and his wife and all their family plus staff.
  • Sharalyn Land
    signed 2020-10-06 12:39:33 -0400
  • Marcus Mcmillan
    signed 2020-10-06 12:38:17 -0400
  • Jean Light
    signed 2020-10-06 12:38:04 -0400
    Praying daily
  • Stephen Conners
    signed 2020-10-06 12:38:02 -0400
  • Terry Johnson
    signed 2020-10-06 12:36:19 -0400
  • Maria Carrasco
    signed 2020-10-06 12:35:56 -0400
  • Elizabeth Burgess
    signed 2020-10-06 12:32:39 -0400
    I have been praying for Our President Trump and Our First Lady Melania and will continue to pray for their recovery as well as their family and all staff!
  • Jean Rucker
    signed 2020-10-06 12:29:37 -0400
    I’m praying for you and your family and staff. Always.
  • Melissa Boyher
    signed 2020-10-06 12:29:34 -0400
    We the American People Love You President Trump and your beautiful family. We are praying for you and we need you to get better and be strong. This spiritual and physical war is real and we need you to stay strong. We have your back, together we can take back our Country! Patriots are united across this world that support you. We are the Silent Majority and we are not going anywhere. With all of my Love, please sir, take care of yourself and be strong. God Speed Mr. President.
  • Diane Roberts
    signed 2020-10-06 12:27:10 -0400
  • Nella Phillips
    signed 2020-10-06 12:27:04 -0400
    Praying for you, our wonderful President, every single day—-multiple times!

    Thank you for what you have done for us and our country—-and for your love

    of America!
  • Gene Gay
    signed 2020-10-06 12:25:38 -0400
    Praying for you, your family and the country! Thank you!!!!
  • Shirley Attaway
    signed 2020-10-06 12:23:41 -0400
  • Charlene Wardlow
    signed 2020-10-06 12:23:10 -0400
  • Raymond LeBlanc
    signed 2020-10-06 12:22:55 -0400
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, We pray for you and your family every day.
  • Martin Bracewell
    signed 2020-10-06 12:22:24 -0400
  • Melinda W Miller
    signed 2020-10-06 12:21:36 -0400
    Praying for you, your family, thanking God for our country and your leadership!

    Melinda Miller
  • Lindsay Duneske
    signed 2020-10-06 12:20:20 -0400
    I have been praying daily for the President his family and his administration. Thank you for all you do I know it is truly a sacrifice Being a president who-does-what is right despite the fact that it might be unpopular!
  • Shauna Foust
    signed 2020-10-06 12:19:34 -0400
    We are thankful for you and the work you are doing for the American people!
  • Allan Mislivecek
    signed 2020-10-06 12:19:25 -0400
  • Dorothy White
    signed 2020-10-06 12:16:10 -0400
  • Cindy DeMass
    signed 2020-10-06 12:15:10 -0400
    May God continue to Bless and Protect you!!! God has raised you up for such times as these!
  • Judy & Jim Jennings
    signed 2020-10-06 12:14:44 -0400
    We are praying ever day for you and your loved ones. We are so grateful for all that you have done to make our America Great Again.
  • Stanton R and Nancy Higley
    signed 2020-10-06 12:13:56 -0400
    We love you both and are praying for you daily
  • Marlene Pressler
    signed 2020-10-06 12:13:36 -0400
    We have been praying for the president and his family
  • Andy Schneider
    signed 2020-10-06 12:12:59 -0400
  • Rhonda Thomas
    signed 2020-10-06 12:12:53 -0400