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    Sign the "Stop The Spending Scam!" national petition. Demand GOP Reps reject the radical Democrats' phony $1.2-trillion "infrastructure" bill and $3.5 trillion in progressive, pork spending! Go here to make your voice heard:
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    Tell Senate Republicans: "No Debt Limit Increase!" Demand the GOP stand strong and stay united against Democrat efforts to throw America even deeper into debt. Go here:
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    Sign the "Stop Biden's Boondoggle!" national petition. Demand Senators reject the radical Democrats' and RINO's phony "infrastructure" bill! Go here to make your voice heard:
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    "Say NO To The Dirty Omnibus" FaxFire -- Finalize Order

    Tell Senate Republicans and moderates: "Stop The Spending Scam!" Demand the GOP take immediate action against the $4.9-trillion Democrat "wish lists" of Big Government spending. Go here: