Rush Youngberg

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    Gates may have a conflict of interest. I would like to see information regarding his alleged relationship with Monsanto with regards to DDT and malaria in Africa. Also, his alleged ownership of shares in hazmat suits for Ebola and vaccines. I would check his interests in businesses regarding Coronavirus. Also, I understand that he is proponent of eugenics.

    Such pandemics as this have been over-estimated and sensationalized. It kills the elderly and infirm, primarily. I believe that Gates is an advocate of “thinning” the population. He has been seen at a Bilderberg meeting, as have Romney, the Clintons and Kodmani. Honorary chairman is David Rockefeller.

    It is not that Bill Gates is “wrong”, rather how is that such a well-informed wizard could be so "wrong. Who benefits.

    Rush Youngberg, M.D.

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    Rush Youngberg, M.D.
    Graduate UC Berkeley. major in zoology cum laude, phi beta kappa

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    Q: Please share any additional thoughts or comments you have on the coronavirus crisis and government's response.
    A: I am an M.D. I was a zoology major at U.C. Berkeley with a cum laude and phi beta kappa.
    I have chief of radiology of 2 private hospitals. I was a section chief for the DOD at Madigan Army Medical Center and Seattle Children’s. I have written 24 peer-reviewed papers in major journals. This panic has been created by misinformation. We should not be getting our information from the CDC, WHO, or the NIH. We should be getting it from Stanford, MIT and Johns Hopkins.

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