Rush Limbaugh Tribute

In honor of Rush's life and legacy, share how the "Great One" impacted your life and our nation....

Rush Limbaugh was one of the nation's leading conservative voices for more than three decades. He championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk-radio hosts ever. On Wednesday, February 17, at the start of "The Rush Limbaugh Show," his wife Kathryn announced that he died from lung cancer at the age of 70.

We're saddened by his passing and what it will mean to the future of the conservative movement in America. But we are grateful for the decades that he served as such a strong voice for this great nation. Please join us in praying for his family and friends during their time of loss.

(Grassfire President Steve Elliott's Tribute.)

Please use this "Rush Tribute" to share how Rush impacted you personally and how grateful you are for the way he has impacted our nation.

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    Carrie Shepard-Hernandez
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:31:28 -0500
    I only found Rush a few years ago. I looked forward to the 3 hours he was on everyday. Rush was witty, logical and knew just how to put things into perspective. He is already missed.
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    Sue Piller
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:31:02 -0500
    It is hard to imagine life without his voice to guide us
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    Kenneth⁷ Enderle
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:25:51 -0500
    I listened to Rush since 1988, he is already missed! 🙏
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    Ruby Hunter
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:23:57 -0500
    Rush will be missed by so many, including me. I loved listening to his radio program. He was a great American!
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    Bill Burdine
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:22:55 -0500
    A big reason we are conservatives today and he will be missed! Thanks Rush; Barb and Bill
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    peggy sweeney
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:21:49 -0500
    Steve, your tribute echoes my thoughts precisely. Prayers for all of Rush’s family and friends and followers!
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    Stephen Wagner
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:20:18 -0500
    Few have the ability, no less the brass to speak out like Rush Limbaugh. A pillar of strength in a world dissolving in liberal bias, lies and deceit. Rush was a staunch Conservative and because of his ability was able to deliver a conservative message daily to an audience for 3 hours. Deliver it in a strong direct and yet simplified message that rocked the left at their base. I too would always tune in when in the car in the early afternoon and capture moments of this mans message and thoughts. He always came through and made each day so much better. We lost a good man yesterday. God Bless Rush Limbaugh!!
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    John Van Marter
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:19:17 -0500
    He will be sadly missed. Dittos to heaven…
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    Lawrence Uelk
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:18:57 -0500
    I will never forget when the country was enamored with Ross Perot. It was almost as how we would imagine the 2nd coming of Christ. I was one of his followers. Then, Rush warned us. Told us there were problems with Mr. Perot . . . and there were. Rush was right as he so often was.
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    Michael Piche
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:18:52 -0500
    The voice of reason, truth, freedom for our beloved country. Thanks for all your help. I’m sure God has eased all your pains. Pray for all of us. Love you. ❤️😭
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    Laura Brannen
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:17:51 -0500
    To paraphrase George Jones, “who’s gonna fill his shoes?” I don’t know anyone else who can explain the unexplainable and clarify the “unclarifyable”. I know that’s not a real word, but Rush would forgive me. The world has lost a most remarkably brilliant, genuine, and downright decent human being. RIP, Rush. Please pray for us.
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    joseph wafford
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:15:30 -0500
    Rush was excellent and I listened to him since being in the Navy in 1993 and almost every day since then at least 1 hour a day most days all three. I am a conservative and he guided me to what decisions I make today. He will be sorely missed, God Bless his family and God Bless America.
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    Esther MacDonald
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:14:37 -0500
    Peter Parsi from The Daily Signal wrote this perfect quote. " As for that talent on loan from God? On Wednesday, that loan was paid back in full. Godspeed, Rush Limbaugh.
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    Jerry Richardson
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:13:51 -0500
    Rush was and still will be a voice for common sense conservative thought. My mom who moved on in 2016, loved Rush so much.

    His faith in God has carried him home.
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    Pam Reich
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:12:35 -0500
    Rush was amazing in his ability to reason in a Conservative way! His drive demonstrates the human spirit!

    We will miss him, but strive to live up to his example!
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    Maureen Brackshaw
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:10:55 -0500
    The first real voice for conservatism I ever heard, Rush was always able to encourage, bring perspective, and give hope to what has become the minority American voice! Godspeed Rush! Prayers and blessings to his family and close friends.
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    Nelia Johnson
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:09:46 -0500
    I am greatly saddened to know that Rush Limbaugh is no longer in this world. All throughout my teenage & young adult years, car rides with my dad meant Rush’s voice filled the air. Hearing what he had to say, & the conversations that occurred between my dad & his friends about Rush’s broadcasts, truly helped to shape my views about politics & motivated me to care about what was happening in our government.

    I’ve enjoyed, as a mom, reading his Rush Revere books to my youngest son. It was fun enjoying the stories together.

    He will truly be missed. I’m praying for his family.
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    Thomas Mansfield
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:08:39 -0500
    Dear Rush. You tought me how to think as a conservative and how to understand what was going on around us. Thank you for all you have done. God Bless. Rest in Peace.
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    Mary Diecidue
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:07:11 -0500
    Rush Limbaugh was truly an inspiration for conservatives……so sad about his passing and extend my condolences to his family……he will surly be missed.
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    Luis Hernandez
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:05:43 -0500
    I lost a great friend today I will miss him greatly. I never met him but he inspire me to become a better person
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    helen elston
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 09:03:29 -0500
    God bless Rush Limbaugh and his family.
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    Kimberly Feldick
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 08:45:01 -0500
    My husband and I have listened to Rush for 32 years. We discovered him shortly after we were married and made it a point to listen to him each day. Our six children grew up listening to him whenever we drove anywhere. In the crazy raising children years, the days of listening would be aporadic. But his Spatula City and Snapple moments made us laugh, and his insights and explanations of the world and political climate gave us hope amidst what would have been very dark days, indeed. I am so grateful he knew the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior and was unashamed to share that during this past year. We will see him again. My heart is so sad for we, the Americans he loved so much and left behind. May we never forget what he taught us. Blessings on your family, Rush. You will be missed.
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    Jaffe Perniciaro
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 08:16:06 -0500
    Thank you for being there for those of us needing your valuable insight ❤️You are a super patriot 🇺🇸God is calling his angels home to protect us!! RIP❤️🥲❤️🇺🇸🙏
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    William Lee Kohler
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 07:43:18 -0500
    Rush showed me that I WAS a conservative and how very much I did not know. He showed by example that I did not need to be quiet or afraid because I am a true son of the Republic. He’s gonna be missed so much.
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    Susan Kilz
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 07:34:09 -0500
    Definitely will miss his conservative broadcasts and triumph for the true American dream!
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    Sharon Thomas
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 06:40:41 -0500
    A beacon of hope in a sometime difficult to understand climate! Thankful for his hard work and common sense to teach truth. Thankful for his love and desire to keep America and freedom for everyone.

    He will be greatly missed and not forgotten!
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    Neil Luallen
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 06:39:41 -0500
    Thank You to Rush for ALL he did to educate so many! Teaching the masses what it meant to be Conservative, and a Proud Citizen of the Greatest Country in the History of Our Planet! My Mother Lois Luallen, was an even bigger fan than me. She rarely missed a daily broadcast from 2007 when she retired, until her homegoing in 2019. Another huge fan of Rush was my Father in Law David Finley. Thank You Rush, for being such a steadfast patriot, and defender of truth…
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    Patricia Duigon
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 06:35:27 -0500
    Rush taught me so much. He informed his audience without ever talking down to them. He will be sorely missed. We love and miss you, Rush.
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    Heidi Bonner
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 05:31:26 -0500
    Raised and indoctrinated in liberal world view, a co-worker encouraged me to listen to Rush on the radio. Rush gave me my first taste of conservatism and was my encouragement to think and learn about conservative ideals. I am thankful for that and have become a steadfast conservative and patriot. His boldness in sharing his beliefs has been an inspiration in my life.
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    Marie Skowronek
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-18 04:44:57 -0500
    We have been listening to Rush everyday since 1990’s. We have appreciated, loved, and respected him and his astute observations, honesty, hard work and true patriotism. We will miss him very much!