Rush Limbaugh Tribute

In honor of Rush's life and legacy, share how the "Great One" impacted your life and our nation....

Rush Limbaugh was one of the nation's leading conservative voices for more than three decades. He championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk-radio hosts ever. On Wednesday, February 17, at the start of "The Rush Limbaugh Show," his wife Kathryn announced that he died from lung cancer at the age of 70.

We're saddened by his passing and what it will mean to the future of the conservative movement in America. But we are grateful for the decades that he served as such a strong voice for this great nation. Please join us in praying for his family and friends during their time of loss.

(Grassfire President Steve Elliott's Tribute.)

Please use this "Rush Tribute" to share how Rush impacted you personally and how grateful you are for the way he has impacted our nation.

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  • Ignez Anderson
    commented 2021-02-18 20:15:52 -0500
    Rush, rushed the truth to the people! Giving air time even to the liberals.

    Rush changed American thinkers by promoting political commentary as no one else. Like Paul Harvey before him; speaking with concise clarity and patriotism above all.

    We will Miss Rush’s clear voice and demeanor on/in the air of this Great Country.
  • Joshua Zapata
    commented 2021-02-18 19:50:03 -0500
    Feels like I lost an old friend and mentor. I’ve been listening to Rush almost daily since 1990, my sophomore year of high school. Rush had the unique ability to simplify complex ideas and combine genuine education with a dash of entertainment and his trademark humor. With “ talent on loan from God” and “half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair”, Rush, the Doctor of Democracy, was the best professor I ever had. God speed, Rush! God bless your family and the staff at EIB! I already miss you terribly.
  • Ralph Schwartz
    commented 2021-02-18 19:23:52 -0500
    I am sure going to miss him !
  • susan ault
    commented 2021-02-18 18:34:14 -0500
    In 1991, I stumbled across his show while working one day. He was talking about the gulf War or what ever war it was back then which was heavy on my mind being a veteran. He showed amazing insight while being incredibly entertaining. I continued to listen to him for years, and always being amazed by his ability to predict the foolishness of the leftist mindset. Fly the heights of the earth my brother, amen.
  • Joannehi Bloch
    commented 2021-02-18 18:04:16 -0500
    Truly a wonderful person, May he Rest in Peace and give comfort to his family.
  • James O'Connor
    commented 2021-02-18 17:37:18 -0500
    In 1970, I was shocked when hearing the federal government did not plan to balance its budget and horrified that my 6th grade teacher attempted to justify it. The previous summer, my grandmother took my older brother and I on a trip that included some time in the Soviet Union, where we got to see communism firsthand. It was disturbing… At that early age I was conservative but did not understand the views of teachers and the media.

    While living in Sacramento in 1985, there was a buzz about this guy Rush Limbaugh on KFBK AM radio that spoke of conservative ideas and offered an entertaining prospective on the Left. In addition, Rush Limbaugh suggested that it was alright to resist the left leaning college professors, the news media and leftist power grabbing politicians. Rush framed the left’s efforts to undermine American and conservative values and basically giving average conservatives affirmation that “I am not the only one that sees the deterioration of our country”.

    Rush Limbaugh so clearly and logically communicated the conservative prospective on issues, the left could only resort to name calling and lying. As Rush would say from time to time, “the left needs to be defeated in the arena of ideas” and he made it clear that it could be done easily. I listened to Rush as often as I could, and can only hope, learned enough help keep what he started moving in the Right direction.

    God Bless Rush
  • Kerry Brasswel
    commented 2021-02-18 17:14:52 -0500
    Americans lost a National Treasure with Rush’s death as he always stood for American values and educated so very many in what conservatism really is. He will be sorely missed.
  • larry frohardt
    commented 2021-02-18 17:14:29 -0500
    First thing-Dan’s Bake Sale,Ft. Collins, Co. What an event.Next, in-laws strong Democrats had to go to one of their events. Wife told me to behave. All I did was wear my Rush Limbaugh tie,received a complement on it-told the guy what it was. Got a dirty look and he walked off.
  • Beverly Parry
    commented 2021-02-18 17:06:29 -0500
    I looked forward to hearing Rush’s view points. Everything was so well thought through.

    I am deeply saddened to lose his voice.
  • Alice Burrows
    commented 2021-02-18 17:04:55 -0500
    Loved listening to your broadcast every day & will miss that so much. You were one of the best and not just as a broadcaster but as a human being & man. Love you and offering prayers for your family. Rest in Heaven with Jesus. I know you are in his beautiful place made just for you. 💔🙏
  • Ul S Smith
    commented 2021-02-18 17:00:31 -0500
    I’ve been living in America for 50yrs .

    Rush, he is our guiding light for many centuries, missed hearing his voice .

    Rest and peace

  • Robert Ellis
    commented 2021-02-18 17:00:13 -0500
    Rush thank you for “doing what you were born to do” all for the millions who listened to you. People wondered why I wore earphones when I played golf, I told them I was listening to you. I will miss you and your wonderful insite being on “the cutting edge of societal evolution” with you. Have no Idea what will become of your great program, possibly Snerdly. May God be with you and your family and may He give your family strength and comfort though this most difficult of time. Most sincerely Bob Ellis
  • Nancy Butler
    commented 2021-02-18 16:55:30 -0500
    You, Steve Elliott gave a wonderful tribute to Rush. You articulated so well what I thought of Rush. He explained politics so well. He made the complex simple. He gave great advice from his “life” experiences. God was Rush’s and is my guiding light. He was like a friend I visited everyday, even though I didn’t know him personally. I will miss Rush very much, and I grieve him like I do for a close friend and family member. I too, like Steve Elliott, first heard Rush on a co-workers car radio during my lunch break in 1995, I think, on my construction job on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. I told my parents about Rush. I’ve only been listening to him regularly for the last 5 years. I’m so glad I have. I subscribe to Rush’s magazine the “Limbaugh Letter.” I have been informed on many things I didn’t know about. I’ve been praying for Rush since he gave his cancer diagnosis. I had not tuned in at the first of the show on Wed, and did not know that Rush had passed. When I heard his voice, I thought he was back and able to be on the radio. Then I heard Rush’s wife, Kathryn, make the announcement of Rush’s home going to heaven. I’m glad I didn’t know immediately. I had a little bit of hope. I suspected that something might be wrong when Rush had not returned to the show the second week after his treatment. My prayers go out to Rush’s wife and family and his radio family, including myself. My they/we feel God’s arms around them/us. I’m glad to be able to still hear Rush’s voice on recorded parts of the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Rush and my mamma had mutual birthdays, on Jan 12. I’m glad Rush made it to age 70. I loved his thankfulness for everyday of his life. Rush gets to see my mamma and daddy in heaven before I do. I know Rush is with Jesus.
  • Steven Hunter
    commented 2021-02-18 16:50:27 -0500
    THANK YOU Rush, I listened to you much on radio which helped my opinions and view about Christian American conservative thinking, and some dangers of liberalism to America.
  • Garland Cox
    commented 2021-02-18 16:18:53 -0500
    Rush has been a guiding light for me for the last 25+ years. His conservative views blended well with mine, his wit and charm were always welcome! I will forever miss him, there is no replacement!

    Garland Cox

    [email protected]
  • Mark Aberle
    followed this page 2021-02-18 16:15:25 -0500
  • Mark Aberle
    commented 2021-02-18 16:13:06 -0500
    I also distinctly remember the first time I stumbled across Rush on the radio 30+ years ago. I was dumbfounded with what I heard. I said to myself “who is this guy, he can’t say these things, he’s speaking the absolute truth! They (the leftist liberals will come after him, they will shut him down.

    Well I bonded with Rush right then and he never let me down.

    The left didn’t shut the man down, they could not defeat him then or over the next 33+ years and they won’t defeat him in death either! He most certainly did have “talent on loan from God!”

    Rush, go with God,
  • James Comer
    commented 2021-02-18 16:02:31 -0500
    My first time hearing Rush was on a drive from Texas to Ouray, Colorado. Ross Perot was running for President and Rush was imitating his accent. It was so hilarious. I’ve enjoyed listening to him ever since.

    RIP Rush – there will never be another like you.
  • Jeffrey Scornavacco
    commented 2021-02-18 15:41:31 -0500
    Rush ‘The King of Broadcast Radio’ has returned home and is now broadcasting his radio show to the biggest audience he will ever have broadcasting his show on Angel Radio in Paradise your “Golden EIB microphone” awaits you in Heaven. I listened to his show almost from the start and even though I didnt know or met him personally he felt like family and now I feel the same feeling when losing a real family member. I myself am a Cancer survivor of Stage 4 Colon and Chemotherapy diagnosed at age 45 and now in remission and when Rush first talked about his form of Cancer I said I am going to pray for him every day I can even knowing that unfortunately he had one of the worst forms of cancer but I was still hopefully and optimistic that he would over come his diagnosis but when I noticed continuous guest hosts I knew something was wrong and unfortunately it was just a matter of time. Then yesterday at the start of his program I heard his wife Kathryn and my worst fears came true that the best Conservative Spokesperson has passed away. Rush was always an inspiring voice in my life in which now feels like a part of me had died. To James Golden aka Bo Snerdley and the rest of Rush’s staff you are feeling a great sense of loss and overwhelming sadness for loosing more than just a coworker or boss but a true friend which is hard to find we Rush followers share in your loss in loosing Rush and for me you are in my prayers. Rush, your suffering is over and I am very sure Jesus has said to you,well done good and faithful servant. " You will live on in the hearts of many millions who have called you friend over your long and beautiful career, that has touched so many, more than you’ll ever know! Have a great time in Heaven and some day I hope to meet you personally in Paradise. The best friend I never met. Rest in the Lord’s arms, Rush My greatest sympathy for his beloved wife, Kathryn and his brother, David, as well as his loyal EIB family. As Rush would say Talent on loan from God Now God has returned that Talent back home to God forever. Thank you, Lord, for giving us Your gift of Rush. God bless you, Rush. Rest easy in Paradise Rush Limbaugh and may God continue to hold you in His loving arms.
  • William B.Ogilvie
    commented 2021-02-18 15:36:14 -0500
    What an incredible gift of Almighty God was Rush Limbaugh to our dear America! These few scriptures come to mind as we contemplate Rush’s “graduation”: “… to live is Christ, & to die is gain.”….“….to depart and be with Christ,…is far better.”

    (Philippians 1:21, 23b).

    Plus: John 3:16, Romans 10:9-13, and Revelation 21:1-8.

    May God’s Great Grace be upon us all as we remember Rush Limbaugh and carry on the great legacy He and so many of our forefathers have ceded to us!
  • Shirley Carlson
    commented 2021-02-18 15:34:31 -0500
    My late husband and I watched Rush’s TV show in the spring of 1984 and listened to his radio program ever since. Rush was a remarkable blessing to us all “on loan from God”. I believe God places us in positions for certain reasons and gives us guidance when we listen. So it was with Rush.
  • michelle kralovec
    commented 2021-02-18 15:17:06 -0500
    What I will miss was Rush’s way of sifting through the political scene and his take on all of it. He wasn’t demeaning but saw everything for what it was. He reminds me so much of my father. He loved this country and the humbleness of Rush Limbaugh was undeniable. I will miss my mornings with Rush. He is irreplaceable.
  • James McGinley
    commented 2021-02-18 15:16:51 -0500


  • Alan Sarkisian
    commented 2021-02-18 15:16:31 -0500
    I first heard Rush while traveling through Northeastern Ohio one evening in the mid-90s. After that, I found him on a local station in California. I believe that the people who considered him pompous did not appreciate his sense of humor and wittiness. For example, he used to say that he would have half his brain tied behind his back to make it fair. Rush was more than a political commentator; he was an observer of life in general. Besides his well thought out analysis of politics, he had considerable knowledge of sports, especially football. If people listened long enough and carefully enough, they would understand that Rush enjoyed what he was doing and did it because of his patriotism.
  • John Gray
    commented 2021-02-18 15:00:08 -0500
    “The nattering nabobs of negativity”, I first heard this uttered by Rush and it has stayed with me for some 30 years. Knowing there will always be those who see the dark side of things – me included, has left me with a clear understanding of what the Cross truly means, and has left me with a clear understanding of my need for Christ in my life. Thank you Rush for your service to our country. You are a true Patriot.
  • Dottie Billman
    commented 2021-02-18 14:47:07 -0500
    My husband and I listened to him during the early 90’s! He was the voice of liberty and we knew we could depend on him to always tell us to have hope and support conservative values! Thank you, sir we will miss you!🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Juanita Marchand
    commented 2021-02-18 14:46:47 -0500
    Rush was a becon of truth in a dark and twisted world. I will miss his conservative voice on the radio. I have been a faithful listner for more than 20 years rarely missing his program. I will always remember his guiding principals. I am a black conservative that grew up in the Martin Luther King civil rignts era. I help intergrate schools, marched for equality not equity, register people to vote, intergrated work places and professions. I discovered Rush and realized he spoke for me because we shared the same conservative values as i. He was always pushed his listners to think themselves and search out the truth wherever it leads. Blessing to the his wife and God speed Rush on his final journey.
  • Susan Douglas
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  • Donna Antonelli
    commented 2021-02-18 14:33:07 -0500
    My heart is heavy with pain over Rush’s passing.

    His patriotism and love of country and American spirit will be sadly missed.

    Thank you Rush for the hope, love,and support you gave us all!!!
  • Susan Douglas
    commented 2021-02-18 14:25:00 -0500
    God Bless you Rush!!! Your voice and words were like a beacon in the dead of night. Thank you for all you did for America and conservatism. I know your reward is great!!!