Rush Limbaugh Tribute

In honor of Rush's life and legacy, share how the "Great One" impacted your life and our nation....

Rush Limbaugh was one of the nation's leading conservative voices for more than three decades. He championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk-radio hosts ever. On Wednesday, February 17, at the start of "The Rush Limbaugh Show," his wife Kathryn announced that he died from lung cancer at the age of 70.

We're saddened by his passing and what it will mean to the future of the conservative movement in America. But we are grateful for the decades that he served as such a strong voice for this great nation. Please join us in praying for his family and friends during their time of loss.

(Grassfire President Steve Elliott's Tribute.)

Please use this "Rush Tribute" to share how Rush impacted you personally and how grateful you are for the way he has impacted our nation.

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    Dr. Ralph Hathaway
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:11:12 -0500
    Frist year and the first day I was called by a friend to turn on the Radio. There is a guy that is factual, honest and we need to pay attention to this man. From that day on, I have listened to Rush whenever possible. I also had the pleasure, some years later to meet Rush. He will be missed by all of his loyal listeners. God Bless this great man and his widow.
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    Bill Petrovic
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:09:56 -0500
    Because of Rush I became a Solid Conservative! I was a Truck Driver and listened to Him Daily!!! Thank You Rush for showing me the truth!! May God Bless you and hold you close!!!
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    Ruth Ann Quiroga
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:09:24 -0500
    I remember my husband going out to the car every day to listen to Rush on the radio.
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    Thomas Taggart
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:09:12 -0500
    You knew he was over the target by the flak he received. My support was due to the enemies he had. Miles were traveled listening to him. Will miss this fellow patriot who fought the good fight
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    Anthony Padgett
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:09:05 -0500
    No more brilliant person ever spoke on the radio airwaves than RUSH. He could tell you what was going to happen long before it happened 98% of the time. He clearly knew the political world like no other person and could put into words how people like myself felt when it came to our conservative views. I will forever miss his wit, his showmanship, his leadership, and most of all his guidance. May your legacy live on in the words you have spoken through the years.
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    Robert Wilburn
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:08:56 -0500
    I have listened to 1000’s of hours of EIB broadcast and had more conversations with a person I have never met in person. Rush was very passionate about our country and we have lost a great American hero. He had the uncanny ability of simplifying political events and fostered the conservative movement in the USA saving AM radio and created an audience for Fox News. Unfortunately Fox changed but Rush never did. RIP my friend!
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    Leroy and Myrna Chausse
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:08:09 -0500
    Rush was a perfectionist. He worked continuously to arrive at the truth of a matter and then shared it with us so that we would not be swayed to believe a lie. He was fearless and unapologetic except in the rare cases when he felt he was wrong. He gave God the credit for his abilities. He taught us history so that we would love and stand behind our great nation. He was a model for me and that is he how he impacted my life.
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    Linda Kopko
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:07:52 -0500
    Beyond words has been a cherished friendship of my son who is in the military. Rush will never know how much he was loved and admired and what a loss this is for those who serve our country! We know he is in heaven. Our prayers for his family.
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    Mark Goldstein
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:07:49 -0500

    Thanks so much for what you have meant to me for over 30 years. Much of that time I was a road rep and always wanted to listen to you as you made my trips more enjoyable. Love you always.
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    bud akers
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:07:26 -0500
    Rush was the true BEST. Mega dittos to him today.
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    Michael Moyers
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:06:30 -0500
    I will miss You Rush my friend. I tried to start my everyday with your Voice of reason. A Hui Ho!
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    Philip Laird
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:06:04 -0500
    Rush is truly an American icon. I’ve listened to Rush since 1987, when in Sacramento he began his con servative sponsorship. There can’t be anyone like him, who so defended convservative principles in such a forceful and elegant manner.
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    Kathi Jesse
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:05:56 -0500
    Rush always had sharp, intellectual commentary to help me stay focused on that which could be changed and challenged me to be involved and stay informed.

    We will miss him indeed!
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    Bob Inpyn
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:04:47 -0500
    I have spent 36 years in Northern CA and listened to Rush. His continual joke about Rio Linda forced me to see for myself the City with no history you can share. His talks were honest and true which made him exceptional in the world of Boradcasting. He is missed already and we need a proxy that merits the same credentials and trust. God Bless and Welcome Rush home.
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    Carlos Manrique
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:04:26 -0500
    Every time I listen to Rush he gave me hope for this country and my family. May you RIP
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    Phil Culp
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:04:06 -0500
    I have listened to Rush virtually every weekday for the last 30 years. Rush said pretty much what I was thinking. I loved it that for the most part, he agreed with me! I LOVED his parodies as they made me laugh out loud. I knew this day was coming, however, I was NOT prepared for what I heard this early afternoon from his wife. It deeply saddens me that he is now gone. He will be sorely missed!

    I am thankful that Rush placed his faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!
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    elgin mcdaniel
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:03:59 -0500
    RUSH was my hero. I learned so much from him on a daily basis which help guide my life. I will miss him deeply .
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    Dennis Dorsheimer
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:03:34 -0500
    I remember well the first time I heard Rush on the radio back in the 90’s. it was so refreshing to hear someone who believed what I believe about liberty and the greatness of America. God’s best to his family.
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    Terry Anderson
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:03:00 -0500
    He will be missed. He took the conservative cause, and put it front and center, and made it a force to be reckoned with, and was truly a “pain in the posterior” for the liberal media and the far left.
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    Janice Sullivan
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:02:27 -0500
    Rush was a true patriot. He spoke truth to us with wisdom beyond measure. He was the person that so many of us looked to for truth and a unique perspective on our country. In a time that so many of us are scared of the direction our country is taking – he gave us comfort in his words and insight. We will fight on. We lose a friend – Heaven gained an angel.
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    Michael Zangara
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:02:08 -0500
    Rush you are legend. You voice will echo forever. You did well and I am sure God the Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirt will say to you “well done good and faithful servant”. God Bless.
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    chet Gray
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:01:52 -0500
    I’m Speechless! Been watching RUSH since 1989 on AFN Radio in Mannheim Germany, I’m Retired Military! Sad Sad Day!!! I can’t explain the Sadness I feel!!
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    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:01:32 -0500
    Who can forget the day they first turned in to Rush? The relief at finally hearing beliefs that were mine was considerable. When Rush said, “Don’t doubt me,” you didn’t. Because he was right. But little did I know how right he was about Fake News until the day I saw news media and its hired photographer direct an actor to set up a news story in which I played the part of “tyrant.” A bald-faced lie versus Freedom of Speech, Truth, and all other American freedoms. I miss you, Rush. You were the best friend I never met. Rest in the Lord’s arms..
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    s coe
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:01:16 -0500
    He inspired me to become better educated about our country’s wonderful heritage and to value the founding fathers’ many wisdoms.
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    Florence Maddock
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:01:11 -0500
    Listened to Rush for many years. Loved his program. He truly was one of a kind and will be greatly missed.
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    Gwen Parsley
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:00:57 -0500
    One of the first personalities I grew to love and trust.. May GOD comfort his family and know how much he was loved..
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    jackie vohs
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:00:49 -0500
    Great finish
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    Harold Chandler
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 17:00:24 -0500
    RIP Rush, I will miss you, you have been a true friend for the 30 years I have been listening. I also have been a subscriber to your news letter for most of that time, I will miss you as will my family and friends.
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    Bill Harper
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 16:59:57 -0500
    Rush was truly blessed by The Lord, and thankfully Rush shared his special gift from The Lord to all America! We are Praying for Rush’s family!
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    Bradford Bryant
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-17 16:59:45 -0500
    He didn’t minx words. He told it like it was. He was truly the “truth detector”.