Rush Limbaugh Tribute

In honor of Rush's life and legacy, share how the "Great One" impacted your life and our nation....

Rush Limbaugh was one of the nation's leading conservative voices for more than three decades. He championed America's founding ideals of liberty and limited government like few talk-radio hosts ever. On Wednesday, February 17, at the start of "The Rush Limbaugh Show," his wife Kathryn announced that he died from lung cancer at the age of 70.

We're saddened by his passing and what it will mean to the future of the conservative movement in America. But we are grateful for the decades that he served as such a strong voice for this great nation. Please join us in praying for his family and friends during their time of loss.

(Grassfire President Steve Elliott's Tribute.)

Please use this "Rush Tribute" to share how Rush impacted you personally and how grateful you are for the way he has impacted our nation.

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    Patricia Robertson
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-08-01 15:38:40 -0400
    I started listening to Rush during The Gulf War/Desert Shield & Storm around 1990 on WSB-AM in Atlanta and after that every chance I had to listen to him while I was in my car at the time he was on. Amazing man who changed the way I thought about a LOT of things. Miss him and his humor and wisdom! Mega Dittos, Rush!
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    Norma Jean Thornton
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-07-03 20:19:59 -0400
    I’ve been a faithful Rush Rio Linda ditto-head since his first day on KFBK in Sacramento, when he took over Morton Downey Jr’s place, and have listened to him all over the US, including HI.

    He always put into words my exact thoughts, and I couldn’t wait until 9:06am each M-F to hear the way he always shortened the version of how I felt.

    The US hasn’t been the same since Rush passed, and I miss him dearly.
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    Miriam Erpenbach
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-06-20 08:06:15 -0400
    Back in 1992, returning to California from Arizona, I searched for and found a Radio Station in Santa Rosa, CA, broadcasting the Rush Limbaugh show.

    I did this, after listening to other college students in an English class, tearing down the man named Rush Limbaugh, an “…evil conservative…”.

    Since then, I listened every opportunity I had, wherever I went, the world over!

    Thanks for being a beacon of wisdom, reason, insight and foresight in the “socio-leftist” swamp to this day, Rush!

    Rest in Peace, Rush!

    Mega Dittos for ever!
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    Vince Iuliano
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-05-18 22:47:04 -0400
    began listening to Rush from the beginning. i plan to revisit his archives and brilliant thoughts for years to come. Like pulling a great volume from a literate shelf, Rush’s daily Conservative classroom belongs right up there with Buckley and Schlafly columns and media.
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    Gloria DeEulio
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-04-01 12:06:01 -0400
    I have been listening to Rush since the beginning in Sacramento.

    He has been a great teacher,

    and was a special individual that really cared for our country.

    Will be missed.
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    Elizabeth Walters
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-03-11 19:15:51 -0500
    He was a part of our family and we will miss him. He was much needed and original. He was famous and loved by all of us .
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    Phyllis Leatherman
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-03-01 16:31:51 -0500
    He was one special guy. I don’t think there is anyone who can replace Rush.
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    Joseph Bruno
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-28 15:41:28 -0500
    I am Viet vet & I started to listen to Rush when he was on Sacramento radio in the 90’s because he sounded interesting. He started to do what he called “black community updates,” “gay community updates” & “AIDS update.” In the black & gay communities updates he would pick out the craziest most ludicrous things that individual blacks & gays did or said & make fun of them as if they were typical of the black or gay communities. His racist & homophobic intent was obvious. He never did “white community updates” because everybody knows whites never do anything stupid. Right? But perhaps the most disgusting thing he did was the “AIDS updates” set to music mocking gay people dying of AIDS. He was truly a terrible person & an embarrassment & disgrace to the nation..
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    Linda Shoemaker
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-27 18:31:28 -0500
    I can’t believe anyone would honor this man who spewed hatred and prejudice for many, many years. I remember he started in Sacramento and began his career bad-mouthing the Rio Linda community, a rural community without much wealth. He was hateful then but appealed to those who loved that kind of thing.
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    Diane Perenick
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-27 16:52:33 -0500
    When one of my friends would say “Did you hear what Rush said today?” and I hadn’t tuned in…I knew I missed something really good. Our little circle of central Wisconsin patriots are all “ditto-heads”. He got my hubby interested in politics. He truly was the voice of reason with talent on loan from God. He said what we were all thinking and gave us hope. God bless and RIP to a true Patriot.
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    Sandi Carter
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-25 11:37:49 -0500
    We have looked to Rush for years when we’ve needed help in understanding just what is going on in politics. He is greatly missed!

    God Bless Rush Linbaugh!
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    Ron Groves
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-24 19:44:04 -0500
    I never met Rush personally, but I loved and respected him deeply. Loosing him was like loosing a wise and kind older brother. In a way, I feel like I’ve lost my voice, because Rush thought and spoke articulately so many things that are on my heart and spirit. Rest well my brother Rush in the arms of the Lord Jesus. You are deeply, deeply loved, and I will see you on the other side.
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    Barbie Fagen
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-22 20:34:03 -0500
    Rush is the Paul Revere of our generation. He placed a serious pause on the decline of US exceptionalism. He will be sorely missed as the voice for reason and faith in the American way.
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    dennis gardner
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-22 12:05:04 -0500
    Listened to Rush since the 90’s , he ,was a super patriot and surly will be missed, would sit in my truck and listen during my lunch break
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    Gary Van Wormer
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-22 11:41:03 -0500
    I can’t remember when I first started listening to Rush it has been so long ago. He had a unique and special gift of blending facts with humor,. One was never bored listening to him, and his show was the fastest 3 hours on radio. I will greatly miss him.
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    Karen Snyder
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-22 10:49:28 -0500
    Always looked forward to the familiar guitar chords which opened his show at 11:06 every weekday. I would listen every chance I got, since 1990. He was a voice of wisdom, reason & guidance in all things conservative and he knew the liberals MO better than they did themselves! I lost a great friend on Feb. 17th, and he didn’t even know it! Rest in Christ, Rush! See you soon!
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    MaryJean Schweiter-Lowe
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-22 01:59:18 -0500
    Rush made a big difference to my life. I’ll never forget my friend Becky suggesting I listen to him, well over 25 years ago. He got me interested in politics, and turned me into an activist. I suspect that would have pleased him if he knew.

    Rest in peace, Rush. Job well done.
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    Ray Sluis
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-21 15:33:06 -0500
    Rest in peace good and faithful servant and a friend i never met but loved you dearly not only me but millions! Thank you so much RUSH Ray Sluis
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    Carolyn Grapes
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-21 11:24:35 -0500
    Rush will go down in history as a man who LOVED his country…….and did somehing about it!
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    John Tufts
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-21 11:02:02 -0500
    Great man and he will always be with us. We will carry on his legacy by remembering his words and doing what is right, and saying what needs to be said.
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    Seeta Narayan
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-21 01:09:27 -0500
    When you hear him address some delicate issues-you feel proud to be a Conservative.
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    Gary Kirouac
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 23:05:21 -0500
    1999 I had moved to Louisiana with a new job and the Cajuns down there told me about Rush Limbaugh it was a few days later coming out of one of my new accounts I turned on the radio ( I always wanted to share this with Rush) anyway here comes the music and then Rush comes on making a statement about Pres Bill Clinton ( one of his famous predictions) Well this caught my attention – well lo and behold – sure as snow in winter a few weeks later and here comes the new clip being played on the show my MSN-BS confirming Rush. Well by this time I was firmly a Ditto Head now attempting to make time for Rush. He always brought clarity and most of all became that affirming voice of reason and someone who was instilling in me that I can make a change to my surroundings if I only believe and move on that belief. I never thought in a million years that he would be gone…. However; he is and the most important thing anyone can leave in this live is a piece of himself in your heart and Rush you have done just that. I know that I know he is “on his new mission in Heaven”, and hopefully if anyone reading this all the way through is going to the same place. Rush, you are and always will “BE MISSED
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    Debbie Fedric
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 22:25:48 -0500
    Thank you Rush Limbaugh for always standing up for our country and the constitution. You are a true hero!! We love you and will miss you. When you entered the gates of heaven the Lord said “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
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    Jose Rodriguez
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 16:29:25 -0500
    We’re thankful for the walk of legendary conservative
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    Carolyn Grapes
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 16:25:13 -0500
    He LOVED America!
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    Carolyn Grapes
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 16:23:50 -0500
    Everyone knows tht he was a Great American!
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    Doris Schmaljohn
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 11:41:43 -0500
    I so enjoyed your radio messages and listened every chance I got. You were intuned to the feelings of most Americans. The left hated you because you called them out and told us the truth of what they were doing to defeat democracy and Christianity. They are violating our rights and you addressed that. You will be missed. I always felt I had a connection to you as my maiden name was Rush. I hope someone will pick up your gauntlet and continue to tell us the truth and fight for all Americans. Thank you.
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    robert Rogers
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 10:57:01 -0500
    I started listening to Rush in 1988. I, as so many others have stated, was blown away by this man who seemed to be able to read my mind and was able to put my thoughts into words.

    When Rush had his TV show I was in a bar with some friends one night. The only thing the other seven or eight people in the bar knew about Rush was he often used the phrase “With talent on loan from God”. They mistook this to be a brag and, therefore, took to disliking him and they all started saying – Shut that bum off, yeah, change the channel. I prevailed on them to just watch until the first commercial. When the commercial came on I said “now, did Rush say anything that anybody here disagreed with?” Silence. We ended up watching the entire show. I thought I had them. But, like so many dems that logic is so often wasted on, they just called him a bum and ordered another beer.

    Rush was and will always be one of the highlight of my life. May God Bless and Keep you, Rush. America can never thank you enough.l
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    Sharon Courey
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-20 02:05:33 -0500
    Rush you were the voice of truth for our nation. You were the comfort and consolation to our feeling of hopelessness from the lies and selfishness of our so called leaders. You enlighten ed us of the only good ones. There will never be anyone who can take your place.

    May God rest your soul with eternal peace in heaven. Thank you for all that you were to our nation’s people.
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    Sharon McKenney
    commented on Rush Tribute 2021-02-19 23:51:39 -0500
    He made politics understandable. He was the only news source that I could find that reinforced my conservative views. And in the early years, his parody songs were right on!! Talent on loan from God was correct! Where and how will we conservatives find our backbone and our voice for unity? You and your platform will leave a huge vacuum in the republican party, good friend. Prayers for strength and comfort for your beautiful wife and loving family.

    Loyal fan in Lexington, KY