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    Ronald Price
    commented on 2020 Election: "Righteousness vs. Satan" (video) 2020-11-15 23:47:15 -0500
    The major news networks in many cases do not report the truth: they select and enhance the news to reflect their biased and bigoted agenda. The leadership of the news networks and their cultivated employees report the news to support their goals and mislead the public violating the public trust. The public must insist that news media report all the news and not just the information that supports their position or goals. The press which includes all the media is accountable to the people to assure that all the news is provided and not just the information that supports the media’s political bias.

    The public must insist that government pass regulations that require that the social media giants, a public resource, not be allowed to censor or suppress public opinion and comments. A free and honest press and social media is necessary to maintain our people’s freedom and liberty. The public must require that government regulate these organizations to stop them from suppressing free speech.
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